Break even analysis cost volume profit analysis

• Indicates the level of operations necessary to cover all operating costs and the profitability associated with various levels of sales.


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Accelerated cost recovery system
After tax profit margin
Agency cost view
All in cost
Average cost of capital
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Break even analysis
Break even cash inflow
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Capital cost allowance
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Cluster analysis
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Comparative credit analysis
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Cost basis
Cost benefit ratio
Cost company arrangement
Cost of a new issue of common stock
Cost of capital
Cost of carry
Cost of common equity
Cost of debt
Cost of equity
Cost of funds
Cost of funds index
Cost of giving up a cash discount
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Cost of living adjustment
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Cost of new asset
Cost of preferred stock
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Cost yield
Country risk analysis models
Credit analysis
Cross sectional analysis
Cyclic or cyclical analysis
Discriminant analysis
Dollar cost averaging
Dupont system of analysis
Dynamic analysis
Equivalent annual cost
Factor analysis
Financial break even points
Fixed cost
Fundamental analysis
Gross profit margin
Horizon analysis
Horizontal analysis
Incremental cost of a new asset
Installation cost
Installed cost of new asset
Management's discussion and analysis md&a
Margin of profit ratio
Marginal analysis
Marginal cost of capital
Marginal cost of capital schedule
Mean variance analysis
Multiple discriminant analysis
Net financing cost
Net profit
Net profit margin
On balance volume
Operating profit
Operating profit margin
Operating profit ratio
Opportunity cost
Opportunity cost of capital
Paper profit
Performance attribution analysis
Portfolio analysis
Pre tax profit on sales
Price volume relationship
Pro forma capital structure analysis
Product cost
Profit and loss statement
Profit margin
Profit sharing plan
Quantitative analysis
Ratio analysis
Regression analysis
Replacement cost
Scenario analysis
Sensitivity analysis
Sequential analysis
Shortage cost
Static analysis
Statistical analysis
Technical analysis
Time series analysis
Total cost of inventory
True interest cost
Variable cost
Vertical analysis
Weighted average cost of capital
Zero cost collar

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