• List of new issues scheduled to come to market shortly.

• List of new bond issues scheduled to come to market soon.

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 Balance of payments: A statistical compilation formulated by a sovereign nation of all economic transactions between residents of that nation and residents of all other nations during a stipulated period of time, usually a Calendar year.

 Bundles: Are variations of strip trades whereby a trader or risk manager can place a series of Calendar month contracts in one transaction. Packs can be bought or sold. They are quoted in quarter basis points from the previous settlement price. These transactions expedite credit market positions and swap hedges and adjustments. One can also trade bundles on a forward basis comparable to other money and credit market instruments.

 Crop year: Is a time span which does not necessarily correspond to a Calendar year. A crop year commences with the beginning of the harvest and continues until the start of the next harvest. Each crop has its own specifications.

 Fiscal year: A tax year of twelve months beginning on a date selected by the business ownerAbbreviated FY. A corporation's accounting year that may differ from the Calendar year. Fiscal year is defined in various ways, according to the source of the data.
Value Line: If FY ends prior to May 15/09, the label will be FY 2008. May 15/09 or later will be FY 2009.
Standard & Poor's: Regardless of date, FY is the calendar year in which FY ends.

 Keogh plan: Also known as a HR-10 plan. A qualified tax-deferred retirement plan for persons who are self-employed and unincorporated or who earn extra income through personal services aside from their regular employment. See also: Individual Retirement Account.Is a retirement plan that can be established by a self-employed person. Currently, the maximum allowable annual contribution is $30,000. This contribution has benefits comparable to other qualified plans, such as IRAs. Among these are the reduction of income during the earned Calendar year and tax-free growth or compounding until the time of withdrawal. It should be noted that other provisions apply.

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 Calendar effect
Calendar spread

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