Cash commodity or security

• The actual commodity or security as opposed to futures contracts for it.


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 Embedded terms in definition
Futures contracts
Futures contract
 Related Terms
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Asset backed security
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Cash flow per share
Cash flow statement
Cash flow time line
Cash grants
Cash management bill
Cash market
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Cash on delivery or c.o.d. cod transaction
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Cash sale or cash transaction
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Cash settlement contracts
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Commodity funds
Commodity month alphabetic symbols or codes
Commodity or commodities
Commodity pools
Commodity year color codes
Conventional cash flow pattern
Convertible security
Cost of giving up a cash discount
Debt security
Derivative security
Discounted cash flow
Discounting cash flows
Discretionary cash flow
Ending cash
Equivalent annual cash flow
Excess cash balance
Exchangeable security
Expected future cash flows
Fixed dollar security
Free cash flow per share
Free cash flows
General cash offer
Government security
Government security dealer
Host security
Hybrid security
Incremental cash flows
Intermediate cash inflows
Ledger cash
Monthly income preferred security
Mortgage pass through security
Municipal security
Near cash
Net cash balance
Net cash flow
Nominal cash flow
Non cash expense
Nonconventional cash flow pattern
Operating cash flow
Operating cash inflows
Price to cash flow ratio
Primitive security
Real cash flow
Relevant cash flows
Scheduled cash flows
Security agreement
Security analyst
Security characteristic line
Security deposit initial
Security deposit maintenance related
Security market line
Security market plane
Security selection
Security selection decision
Social security
Statement of cash flows
Statement of cash flows method
Substitute cash or dividend payment
Swap commodity
Symmetric cash matching
Target cash balance
Terminal cash flow
Underlying security
Variable price security
Wanted for cash

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