Cash flow after interest and taxes

• Net income plus depreciation.


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 Embedded terms in definition
Net income
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Accrued interest
After tax
After tax proceeds from sale of old asset
After tax profit margin
After tax real rate of return
Against cash
Amortizing interest rate swap
Asymmetric taxes
Base interest rate
Benchmark interest rate
Book cash
Break even cash inflow
Capitalized interest
Cash account
Cash accounting
Cash and carry
Cash and cash equivalents
Cash and equivalents
Cash basis
Cash bonuses
Cash budget
Cash budget cash forecast
Cash commodity
Cash commodity or security
Cash concentration
Cash conversion cycle
Cash cow
Cash cycle
Cash deficiency agreement
Cash delivery
Cash disbursements
Cash discount
Cash discount period
Cash dividend
Cash equivalent
Cash equivalent items
Cash equivalent security
Cash flow
Cash flow break even point
Cash flow coverage ratio
Cash flow from operations
Cash flow matching
Cash flow pattern
Cash flow per common share
Cash flow per share
Cash flow statement
Cash flow time line
Cash grants
Cash management bill
Cash market
Cash offer
Cash on delivery or c.o.d. cod transaction
Cash price
Cash ratio
Cash receipts
Cash refund annuity
Cash sale or cash transaction
Cash settlement
Cash settlement contracts
Cash surrender value
Cash transaction
Cash withdrawal
Compound interest
Compounded interest
Conventional cash flow pattern
Cost of giving up a cash discount
Covered interest arbitrage
Deferred income taxes
Deferred taxes
Discounted cash flow
Discounting cash flows
Discretionary cash flow
Earnings before interest and taxes
Effective annual interest rate
Effective interest rate international context
Ending cash
Equilibrium rate of interest
Equivalent annual cash flow
Excess cash balance
Expected future cash flows
Flow through basis
Flow through method
Forward interest rate
Free cash flow per share
Free cash flows
Future value interest factor
Future value interest factor for an annuity
General cash offer
Gross interest
Guaranteed investment interest contract
Income before taxes
Incremental cash flows
Indication of interest
Interest calculations and related formulas
Interest compounded annually
Interest compounded continuously
Interest coverage
Interest coverage ratio
Interest coverage test
Interest discounted annually present value of reversion
Interest discounted continuously
Interest equalization tax
Interest equivalent factor
Interest impact on accumulation of 1 per period
Interest impact on instalment to amortize or amortization
Interest impact on present value of ordinary annuity of 1 per period
Interest impact on sinking fund factor
Interest on interest
Interest only
Interest only strip
Interest payments
Interest rate
Interest rate agreement
Interest rate buydowns
Interest rate cap
Interest rate ceiling
Interest rate exposure
Interest rate floor
Interest rate on debt
Interest rate parity theorem
Interest rate risk
Interest rate risk management
Interest rate swap
Interest subsidy
Interest tax shield
Intermediate cash inflows
Ledger cash
Minority interest
Near cash
Net cash balance
Net cash flow
Net income before taxes
Net interest margin
Nominal cash flow
Nominal interest rate
Nominal interest rate international context
Nominal rate of interest
Non cash expense
Nonconventional cash flow pattern
Open interest
Operating cash flow
Operating cash inflows
Present value interest factor
Present value interest factor for an annuity
Price specie flow mechanism
Price to cash flow ratio
Production flow commitment
Rate of interest
Real cash flow
Real interest rate
Real rate of interest
Relevant cash flows
Scheduled cash flows
Short interest
Simple interest
Spot interest rate
Stated annual interest rate
Statement of cash flows
Statement of cash flows method
Substitute cash or dividend payment
Swap interest rate
Symmetric cash matching
Target cash balance
Term structure of interest rates
Term structure of interest rates and volatility
Terminal cash flow
Times interest covered
Times interest earned ratio
True interest cost
Wanted for cash

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