Cash flow time line

• Line depicting the operating activities and cash flows for a firm over a particular period.


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 Cash flow
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Advance/decline line
Against cash
Bank line
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Break even cash inflow
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Cash equivalent items
Cash equivalent security
Cash flow
Cash flow after interest and taxes
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Cash flow coverage ratio
Cash flow from operations
Cash flow matching
Cash flow pattern
Cash flow per common share
Cash flow per share
Cash flow statement
Cash grants
Cash management bill
Cash market
Cash offer
Cash on delivery or c.o.d. cod transaction
Cash price
Cash ratio
Cash receipts
Cash refund annuity
Cash sale or cash transaction
Cash settlement
Cash settlement contracts
Cash surrender value
Cash transaction
Cash withdrawal
Characteristic line
Conventional cash flow pattern
Cost of giving up a cash discount
Demand line of credit
Discounted cash flow
Discounting cash flows
Discretionary cash flow
Ending cash
Equivalent annual cash flow
Excess cash balance
Expected future cash flows
Flow through basis
Flow through method
Free cash flow per share
Free cash flows
General cash offer
Incremental cash flows
Intermediate cash inflows
Investment product line ipml
Just in time inventory systems
Just in time jit system
Ledger cash
Line of credit
Lookahead time
Near cash
Net cash balance
Net cash flow
Nominal cash flow
Non cash expense
Nonconventional cash flow pattern
Old line factoring
On line trading
Operating cash flow
Operating cash inflows
Price specie flow mechanism
Price to cash flow ratio
Production flow commitment
Real cash flow
Real time
Red line method
Relevant cash flows
Revolving line of credit
Scheduled cash flows
Security characteristic line
Security market line
Statement of cash flows
Statement of cash flows method
Straight line depreciation
Substitute cash or dividend payment
Swing line
Symmetric cash matching
Target cash balance
Terminal cash flow
Time decay
Time deposit
Time draft
Time is of the essence
Time line
Time premium
Time series analysis
Time spread
Time to maturity
Time until expiration
Time value
Time value of an option
Time value of money
Time weighted rate of return
Trend line
Turnaround time
Value line financial strength
Value line safety
Wanted for cash

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