Cash market

• Traditionally, this term has been used to denote the market in which commodities were traded, for immediate delivery, against cash. Since the inception of futures markets for T bills and other debt securities, a distinction has been made between the cash markets in which these securities trade for immediate delivery and the futures markets in which they trade for future delivery.

• Also called spot markets, these are markets that involve the immediate delivery of a security or instrument. Related: derivative markets.


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 Embedded terms in definition
 Against cash
Debt securities
Derivative markets
Futures market
Spot market
T bill
 Related Terms
Against cash
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Black market
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Cash flow per share
Cash flow statement
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Cash grants
Cash management bill
Cash offer
Cash on delivery or c.o.d. cod transaction
Cash price
Cash ratio
Cash receipts
Cash refund annuity
Cash sale or cash transaction
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Common market
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Currencies and major foreign market hedge funds
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Ending cash
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Equity market
Equivalent annual cash flow
Eurocurrency loan market
Eurocurrency market
Euroequity market
European open market
Excess cash balance
Excess return on the market portfolio
Expected future cash flows
External market
Fair market price
Fast market
Federal funds market
Federal open market committee
Financial market
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Flat market
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Foreign market beta
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Fourth market
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Incremental cash flows
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Market overhang
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Market segmentation theory or preferred habitat theory
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Market to book ratio
Market value
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Non cash expense
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Normal market
One sided one way market
One way market
Open market operation
Open market purchase operation
Open market share repurchases
Operating cash flow
Operating cash inflows
Operationally efficient market
Otc market
Over the counter market
Over the counter otc market
Perfect capital market
Perfect market view of capital structure
Perfect market view of dividend policy
Price to cash flow ratio
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Ratio of exchange in market price
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