Cash price

• Price quotation in the cash market (for immediate delivery).


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 Cash market
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Arm's length price
Ask price
Average low price
Average low price earnings
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Cash flow from operations
Cash flow matching
Cash flow pattern
Cash flow per common share
Cash flow per share
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Cash flow time line
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Cash market
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Cash on delivery or c.o.d. cod transaction
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Cash refund annuity
Cash sale or cash transaction
Cash settlement
Cash settlement contracts
Cash surrender value
Cash transaction
Cash withdrawal
Clean price
Consumer price index
Conventional cash flow pattern
Conversion parity price
Conversion price
Convertible price
Cost of giving up a cash discount
Current price / current eps.
Delivery price
Dirty price
Discounted cash flow
Discounting cash flows
Discretionary cash flow
Dollar price
Dollar price of a bond
Effective call price
Effective strike price
Ending cash
Equilibrium market price of risk
Equivalent annual cash flow
Excess cash balance
Exercise or option price
Exercise price
Expected future cash flows
Fair market price
Fair price
Fair price provision
Fixed price basis
Fixed price tender bid
Fixed price tender offer
Flat price also clean price
Flat price risk
Free cash flow per share
Free cash flows
Full price
Futures price
General cash offer
High price
Implied price
Implied price of a warrant
Incremental cash flows
Intermediate cash inflows
Invoice price
Law of one price
Ledger cash
Limit price
Low price
Low price earnings ratio effect
Market conversion price
Market price of risk
Marketplace price efficiency
Maximum price fluctuation
Minimum price fluctuation
Near cash
Net cash balance
Net cash flow
Nominal cash flow
Nominal price
Non cash expense
Nonconventional cash flow pattern
Offer price
Opening price
Operating cash flow
Operating cash inflows
Option price
Price appreciation
Price buy zone ratio
Price compression
Price discovery
Price discovery process
Price dividend will support
Price earnings ratio
Price elasticities
Price impact costs
Price momentum
Price persistence
Price risk
Price specie flow mechanism
Price takers
Price to book ratio
Price to cash flow ratio
Price to earnings ratio
Price to sales ratio
Price value of a basis point
Price volume relationship
Put price
Ratio of exchange in market price
Real cash flow
Relevant cash flows
Reverse price risk
Scheduled cash flows
Settlement price
Spot price
Stated conversion price
Statement of cash flows
Statement of cash flows method
Stop out price
Strike price
Striking price
Subscription price
Substitute cash or dividend payment
Symmetric cash matching
Target cash balance
Terminal cash flow
Theoretical futures price
Transfer price
Underlying market price
Variable price security
Wanted for cash

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