Commodity month alphabetic symbols or codes

• Are letters which represent different delivery months for futures and options on futures contracts.

  • F -represents the January Delivery Month.
  • G -represents the February Delivery Month.
  • H -represents the March Delivery Month.
  • J -represents the April Delivery Month.
  • K -represents the May Delivery Month.
  • M -represents the June Delivery Month.
  • N -represents the July Delivery Month.
  • Q -represents the August Delivery Month.
  • U -represents the September Delivery Month.
  • V -represents the October Delivery Month.
  • X -represents the November Delivery Month.
  • Z -represents the December Delivery Month.

There are other symbols for monthly deliveries in different years. The above list are the most common symbols for the nearest deliveries. Sometimes color codes are used to differentiate between delivery years and months. There has been a shift in terminology over the years and across product lines.

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 Delivery month
Futures contracts
Futures contract
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