Convertible bond

• Bonds that can be converted into common stock at the option of the holder.

• A bond containing a provision that permits conversion to the issuer's common stock at the option of the bond holder at some fixed exchange ratio. Bondholder will only convert when stock prices have increased above the conversion price (break-even price).

• A bond that can be changed into a specified number of common shares at the option of the bondholder.

• Is a credit instrument which is convertible into equity. Usually, this conversion is done at the discretion and exercise of the bond holder and not the corporation. However, there may be forced conversions due to stipulated events such as takeovers or call options in favor of the issuer. Generally, convertible bonds are coupons paying but there are zero coupon convertible bonds as well. These bonds tend to have lower-than-market rates of interest in exchange for a potential equity stake for the bondholder.


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Call option
Common shares
Common stock
Conversion price
Forced conversion
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