• a) Is the yield or harvest of a planting or other agricultural or animal husbandry activity; b) See Compliance Registered Options Principal.

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 Compliance registered options principal
Registered options principal
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 Anticipatory hedging: Refers to the placement of a hedge prior to placement of the actual position. Sometimes, this occurs when a firm knows that it will receive investment funds later that day or week and prefers to hedge numerous potential risks at the earlier date. Similarly, a commodity producer may prefer to hedge prior to the harvest of a Crop, production of an energy product or processing a raw material into a deliverable lot.

 Carryin: Is the amount of inventory or supply which is brought into a new Crop year or season.

 Carryover or carryout: Is the amount of inventory or supply which exists at the end of a season or Crop year and is added to the supply for the new crop year.

 Crop year: Is a time span which does not necessarily correspond to a calendar year. A Crop year commences with the beginning of the harvest and continues until the start of the next harvest. Each crop has its own specifications.

 Seed: Is the initial value or piece of data which is used to initiate an algorithm or process. In commodities, it refers to the part of the Crop or crop inventory which is set aside for subsequent planting purposes.

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 Crop year

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