Earned on equity

• See Return on Equity (ROE).


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Return on equity
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Gems growing equity mortgages
General agreement on tariffs and trade gatt
Interest impact on accumulation of 1 per period
Interest impact on instalment to amortize or amortization
Interest impact on present value of ordinary annuity of 1 per period
Interest impact on sinking fund factor
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International equity market
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Limitation on asset dispositions
Limitation on liens
Limitation on merger, consolidation, or sale
Limitation on sale and leaseback
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Market on close
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Membership or a seat on the exchange
On balance volume
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Pre tax profit on sales
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Return on assets
Return on equity
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Rights on
Sell on close
Sell on opening
Shareholders' equity
Signaling view on dividend policy
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Stockholders' equity
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Top down equity management style
Total assets = total liabilities + shareholders' equity
Total debt to equity ratio
Trade on top of

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