• Is the aggregate, cumulative or total amount is a quantity measure. It can refer to total long position, total short position, the total par position, total market value, the total futures contract equivalency position or other specified categorization.

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Futures contract equivalency
Futures contract
Long position
Market value
Short position
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 1099 b: Is a form that reports redemptions and exchanges to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from accounts other than money market and retirement. It also reports Gross proceeds from sales of stocks, bonds, commodities, futures, and forward contracts.

 401 k plan: Is a retirement plan that the employee can set aside a portion of his or her income. The actual dollar amount is subject to annual change. Benefits of the plan are that it affords portability, reduces the employee's annual Gross income for tax purposes, and the employee's contributions are immediately vested. Balances are allowed to grow on a tax-free basis and there are provisions for employer contributions as well.A type of retirement savings plan, used by private firms or nonprofit employers. Also known as a cash-or-deferred.A tax-deferred defined contribution retirement plan offered by an employer.

 Agi: See Adjusted Gross Income.Refers to Adjusted Gross Income.

 Agi: See Adjusted Gross Income.Refers to Adjusted Gross Income.

 Alternative minimum tax: Abbreviated AMT. An alternative tax computation that adds certain tax preference items back into Adjusted Gross Income. If the AMT is higher than the regular tax liability for the year, then the regular tax and the amount by which the AMT exceeds the regular tax are paid.

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 Adjusted gross income
Gross domestic product
Gross interest
Gross margin
Gross national product
Gross profit margin
Gross spread

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