Index and option market

• Abbreviated IOM. A division of the CME established in 1982 for trading stock index products and options. Related: Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).


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 Chicago mercantile exchange
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American option
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Currencies and major foreign market hedge funds
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Embedded option
Equilibrium market price of risk
Equity market
Eurocurrency loan market
Eurocurrency market
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Excess return on the market portfolio
Exercise or option price
Exercising the option
Explicit option
External market
Fair market price
Fast market
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Federal open market committee
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Flat market
Foreign banking market
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Fourth market
Futures market
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Gamma of an option
Garmen kohlhagen option pricing model
Gray market
Greenshoe option
Ho lee option model
Implicit option
In the money option
Index arbitrage
Index fund
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Index option
Index warrant
Inside market
Internal market
Internally efficient market
International equity market
International market
International monetary market
Intrinsic value of an option
Inverted market
Irrational call option
Jensen index
Liquid yield option note
Locked market
Lookback option
Make a market
Mark to market
Marked to market
Market arbitrage
Market book ratio
Market cap or market capitalization
Market capitalization
Market capitalization rate
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Market efficiency hypotheses
Market if touched
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Market model
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Multi option financing facility
Naked option
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National market
New issues market
Normal market
One sided one way market
One way market
Open market operation
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Open market share repurchases
Operationally efficient market
Option adjusted duration
Option adjusted spread
Option adjusted spread model
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Option models
Option not to deliver
Option premium
Option price
Option seller
Option trading strategies
Option type
Option writer
Otc market
Out of the money option
Over the counter market
Over the counter otc market
Path dependent option
Perfect capital market
Perfect market view of capital structure
Perfect market view of dividend policy
Postponement option
Prepayment option
Primary market
Profitability index
Pure index fund
Put an option
Put option
Quality option
Ratio of exchange in market price
Real market
Rembrandt market
Rho of an option
Samurai market
Secondary market
Security market line
Security market plane
Seller's market
Seller's option
Short option minimum charge
Side of the market
Single index model
Specific issues market
Split fee option
Spot market
Standard & poor's 500 index
Stock index option
Stock market
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Swap option
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Technical condition of a market
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Yield to call, option or event date

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