Ratio analysis

• Involves the methods of calculating and interpreting financial ratios to assess the firm's performance and status.


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 Financial ratio
 Related Terms
Acid test ratio
Appraisal ratio
Asset/equity ratio
Average price earning ratio
Barra's performance analysis perfan
Break even analysis
Break even analysis cost volume profit analysis
Cash flow coverage ratio
Cash ratio
Cluster analysis
Common base year analysis
Common equity ratio
Common size analysis
Comparative credit analysis
Conditional analysis
Constant payout ratio dividend policy
Conversion ratio
Cost benefit ratio
Country risk analysis models
Credit analysis
Cross sectional analysis
Current pe ratio
Current ratio
Cyclic or cyclical analysis
Days' sales in inventory ratio
Debt equity ratio
Debt ratio
Debt service coverage ratio
Debt to capital ratio
Debt to equity ratio
Debt/equity ratio
Discriminant analysis
Dividend payout ratio
Dupont system of analysis
Dynamic analysis
Earnings retention ratio
Expense ratio
Factor analysis
Financial ratio
Fixed asset turnover ratio
Fixed charge coverage ratio
Fundamental analysis
Funding ratio
Gold/silver ratio
Hedge ratio delta
Horizon analysis
Horizontal analysis
Income replacement ratio
Interest coverage ratio
Inventory turnover ratio
Lagging pe ratio
Leading pe ratio
Long term debt ratio
Long term debt to equity ratio
Low price earnings ratio effect
Management's discussion and analysis md&a
Margin of profit ratio
Marginal analysis
Market book ratio
Market to book ratio
Mean variance analysis
Multiple discriminant analysis
Operating profit ratio
P/e ratio
Payout ratio
Pe ratio
Pe ratio to eps growth
Performance attribution analysis
Plowback ratio
Portfolio analysis
Preferred equity ratio
Price buy zone ratio
Price earnings ratio
Price to book ratio
Price to cash flow ratio
Price to earnings ratio
Price to sales ratio
Price/book ratio
Price/earnings p/e ratio
Price/sales ratio
Pro forma capital structure analysis
Projected pe ratio
Q ratio or tobin's q ratio
Quantitative analysis
Quick acid test ratio
Quick asset ratio
Quick ratio
Ratio of exchange
Ratio of exchange in market price
Ratio spread
Ratio writes
Receivables turnover ratio
Regression analysis
Retention ratio
Reward to volatility ratio
Scenario analysis
Sensitivity analysis
Sequential analysis
Sharpe ratio
Static analysis
Statistical analysis
Target dividend payout ratio
Target payout ratio
Technical analysis
Time series analysis
Times interest earned ratio
Total debt to equity ratio
Trailing pe ratio
Upside/downside ratio
Vertical analysis
Working capital ratio
Yield ratio

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