Risk capital budgeting

• The chance that the inputs into the analysis of an investment project will prove to be wrong.


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Affiliate risk
Average cost of capital
Bankruptcy risk
Basis risk
Business and industry risk
Business risk
Call risk
Capital account
Capital adequacy
Capital allocation decision
Capital appreciation
Capital asset
Capital asset pricing model
Capital budget
Capital budgeting
Capital cost allowance
Capital expenditure
Capital flight
Capital gain
Capital gains yield
Capital impairment rule
Capital lease
Capital loss
Capital market
Capital market efficiency
Capital market imperfections view
Capital market line
Capital rationing
Capital stock
Capital structure
Capital surplus
Change in net working capital
Commercial risk
Company specific risk
Complete capital market
Completion risk
Cost of capital
Cost of limited partner capital
Counterparty risk
Country economic risk
Country financial risk
Country risk
Country risk analysis models
Credit risk
Cross border risk
Currency risk
Currency risk sharing
Debt capital
Debt to capital ratio
Dedicated capital
Default risk
Diversifiable risk
Economic risk
Efficient capital market
Equilibrium market price of risk
Equity capital
Event risk
Exchange rate risk
Exchange rate risk capital budgeting
Exchange risk
Fallout risk
Financial or capital lease
Financial risk
Firm specific risk
Flat price risk
Force majeure risk
Forecasting risk
Foreign exchange fx risk
Foreign exchange risk
Funding risk
Geographic risk
Gigo garbage in, garbage out in capital budgeting
Hard capital rationing
Herstatt risk
Human capital
Idiosyncratic risk
Inflation risk
Insolvency risk
Interest rate risk
Interest rate risk management
Invested capital
Issued share capital
Legal capital
Liquidity risk
Macro political risk
Marginal cost of capital
Marginal cost of capital schedule
Market price of risk
Market risk
Market risk return function
Micro political risk
Mortality risk
Mortgage pipeline risk
Net working capital
Net working capital recapture
Nondiversifiability of human capital
Nondiversifiable risk
Nonsystematic risk
Operating risk
Operational risk
Opportunity cost of capital
Optimal capital structure
Other capital
Outstanding share capital
Overnight delivery risk
Pecking order view of capital structure
Perfect capital market
Perfect market view of capital structure
Personal tax view of capital structure
Pie model of capital structure
Pin risk
Planned capital expenditure program
Political risk
Prepayment risk
Price risk
Pro forma capital structure analysis
Product risk
Purchasing power risk
Rate risk
Real capital
Real options capital budgeting
Regulatory capital
Regulatory pricing risk
Reinvestment risk
Residual risk
Reverse price risk
Risk adjusted discount rate
Risk adjusted profitability
Risk adjusted return
Risk arbitrage
Risk arrays
Risk averse
Risk classes
Risk controlled arbitrage
Risk free asset
Risk free rate
Risk indexes
Risk indifferent
Risk lover
Risk management
Risk management document
Risk neutral
Risk of technical insolvency
Risk premium
Risk premium approach
Risk prone
Risk return tradeoff
Risk reversal
Risk seeking
Risk transformation
Risk types
Riskless or risk free asset
Settlement risk
Shortfall risk
Soft capital rationing
Sophisticated approaches to capital budgeting
Sovereign risk
Specific risk
Static theory of capital structure
Systematic risk
Systematic risk principle
Target capital structure
Taxable capital gain
Theta risk
Total capital
Total risk
Undiversifiable risk
Uniform net capital rule
Unique risk
Unsystematic risk
Value at risk
Value at risk model
Vega risk
Venture capital
Volatility risk
Weighted average cost of capital
Working capital
Working capital management
Working capital ratio

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