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Tools for Personal Help and Self Growth

Tools for Personal Help and Self Growth

FDIC Consumer News 2005

Winter 2005 - Fires, Floods and Other Misfortunes: Are You Prepared Financially? Disasters can impair your ability to conduct day-to-day money matters. This guide can help you plan appropriately.

  • Safe Online Banking, Shopping and Bill Paying: Our Latest Tips on Services Protecting Consumers
  • Increase in $100,000 Limit Under Consideration for Retirement Accounts
  • Expanded FDIC Insurance for College Savings Accounts
  • Reminder: Deposited Checks Subject to Temporary "Hold"

Fall 2005 - A Special Guide for Seniors and Families

  • Helping Your Money Last... After Your Last Paycheck
  • Annuities for Retirees: What to Consider Before You Invest
  • Retirement Strategies for All Ages: A "To-Do" List
  • Avoiding Frauds that Target the Elderly
  • How to Simplify and Organize Your Finances
  • Giving Others Access to Bank Accounts, Safe Deposit Boxes
  • 7 Things to Know About FDIC Insurance
  • Take Our Quiz on Money Management for Seniors

Summer 2005 - A Shopper's Guide to Bank Products and Services

  • What to Know and Ask About
    • Mortgages
    • Home Equity Products
    • Credit Cards
    • Checking Accounts
    • Bank CDs
  • And
    • Credit Reports, Credit Scores and Your Buying Power
    • Pros and Cons of Banking Over the Internet
    • Does a Gift for Opening an Account Make for a Great Deal?
    • Banks as Financial Supermarkets
    • A Basic Shopping List for Bank Customers
    • How the FDIC Can Help You Shop

Spring 2005 - Taking Control of Your Finances: A Special Guide for Young Adults

  • If at First You Don't Succeed: Common Mistakes Young Adults Make with Money and How to Avoid Them
  • Financial Fraud and Theft: How to Protect Yourself
  • Five Things You Should Know about…Credit Cards
  • Five Things You Should Know about…Checks and Checking Accounts
  • High-Tech Banking 24/7
  • To Buy or Not to Buy…a Home or a Car
  • A To-Do List for Key Stages of Your Life
  • Take Our "Financial Aptitude Test" — the F.A.T.
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