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Tools for Personal Help and Self Growth

Tools for Personal Help and Self Growth

FDIC Consumer News 2006

Winter 2006 - Special Edition: Be Prepared, Be Informed, Be in Charge

  • 5 Things You Can Do to
    • Make Sure You Are Financially Fit
    • Protect Against Bad Deals and Scams that Arrive by Phone, Letter and the Internet
    • Avoid Costly Scams Involving Fake Checks and Money Orders
    • Protect All Your Deposits with FDIC Insurance
    • Complain Effectively and Get Results
  • 5 Top Reasons People Call or Write the FDIC:
    • What You Can Learn from Other Consumers' Questions and Concerns
  • 5 Sources You Can Turn to
    • For More Help or Information on Managing Your Money

Fall 2006 - Avoiding Costly Banking Mistakes: No Trivial Pursuit. Here are clues to preventing expensive errors with your checking account, credit card or other financial services. After all, this isn't play money!

  • Fraud Alert
    • Fraudulent E-Mails Claim to Be From the FDIC
    • Beware of Phone-Based "Vishing" Scams
    • New Safety Procedures for Internet Banking
  • News Briefs
    • Update on Higher Coverage for Retirement Accounts
    • New Law Promotes Retirement Savings
    • New Options for Direct Deposit of Tax Refunds
    • Guide for Seniors Wins Consumer Award
  • A Shopping List: Money Tips for the Holidays...and Year-Round

Summer 2006 - Start Smart: Money Management for Teens. How to save, spend and protect your cash

  • Introduction
  • Saving Money
    • Simple, Everyday Things You Can Do to Save Money
    • It's Amazing: How a Small Savings Account Can Get Big Over Time
  • Where to Keep Your Money
    • Shopping for a Bank Account That Fits Your Style
    • Are You Ready to Start Investing? Understand the Risks and the Rewards
    • Savings Bonds: A Safe and Affordable Investment Option
  • Spending Money
    • 5 Ways to Cut Spending...and Still Get to Do and Buy Cool Things
    • Do You Really Need Those $125 Designer Sneakers?
  • Borrowing Money
    • Getting a Loan: A Responsibility to Be Taken Seriously
    • Small Payments Can Mean Big Costs When Borrowing
  • Protecting Against Fraud
    • Warning: Identity Thieves Target Young People, Too
  • Banking Basics
    • The FDICWho We Are and Why You Should Know About Us
    • What Do Banks Do?
  • Extra Points
    • Another Good Use of Your Money: Helping the Less Fortunate
    • Gift Cards Are Great But Beware of Risks and Costs
    • Getting a Job: A Way to Earn and Learn at the Same Time

Spring 2006 - Do You Know As Much As You Think You Know?

  • Introduction
  • Misconceptions: A Top 10 List
  • FDIC Insurance: What's New, What's Not
  • You Get a Large Windfall: How Can It All Be FDIC-Insured?
  • Do-It-Yourself Deposit Insurance Calculator More User-Friendly
  • Answers to Common Questions About Debit Cards
  • Traveling Abroad? Dont Leave Home Without Making Financial Preparations
  • Tips for Saving and Borrowing Money
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