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Tools for Personal Help and Self Growth

Tools for Personal Help and Self Growth

FDIC Consumer News 2007

Winter 2007 - Protecting America's Consumers from Generation to Generation

  • A Message to Readers
  • Know Your Limits: Why, When and How to Be Sure You're Fully Protected by FDIC Insurance
    • Insured or Not Insured?
  • Making Sure Depositors Have Quick Access to Their Insured Funds After a Bank Closes
  • More Than Just Deposit Insurance: The Many Ways the FDIC Helps Consumers
  • Then and Now: Changes Since the FDIC's Creation in 1933
    • More About the FDIC's History
    • Wanted: Memories and Memorabilia from the FDIC's First 75 Years

Fall 2007 - The New Climate for Mortgage Borrowers. Credit may be tougher to get, but good loan programs are still available. Even people having difficulty paying their mortgages have options for saving their homes from foreclosure.

  • FDIC Insurance: You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers
  • Timely Tips for Tax Season
  • What’s New on the Net
  • New Law to Reduce Student Loan Costs

Summer 2007 - Special Edition: 51 Ways to Save Hundreds on Loans and Credit Cards

  • Simple strategies for cutting costs any time
    • Cutting Your Costs: Simple Strategies for Saving Money on Loans and Credit Cards
    • Refinancing: Tips for Mortgages and Other Credit
    • Borrower Beware: How to Avoid Fraudulent or Deceptive Deals
  • Special Tips
    • Taking Charge of Your Credit Cards
    • Home Loans: How to Keep Costs from Going Through the Roof
    • Auto Loans: Take Control of the Financing Before You Take Control of the Wheel
    • When You Need Money Fast: Sources of Affordable Cash
    • Paying for College ... the Smart Way
    • Financing a Small Business: Saving Money to Help Your Company Grow

Spring 2007 - Speed Paying and Banking. High-tech cards and phones could change the way you spend and manage your money

  • Attention ARM Borrowers: Contact Your Lender Before Higher Payments Put Your Home at Risk
  • Don't Get Burned by Hot Investments
  • News Briefs
    • The FDIC Sign Is Changing
    • New Deposit Insurance Resources in English and Spanish
    • Deceptive Mortgage Offers
    • Treasury Report: Direct Deposit Safer Than Checks
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