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Tools for Personal Help and Self Growth

Tools for Personal Help and Self Growth

FDIC Consumer News 2008

Winter 2008 - Special Edition: Managing Your Money in Good Times and Bad

  • Spending Less
    • Good Ways to Get Started Cutting Back
  • Saving More
    • 7 Tips on Putting Your Dollars to Work...for You!
    • Make the Most of Your FDIC Guarantee
  • Protecting Against Fraud
    • When the Economy Cools Down, Financial Scams Heat Up
  • Borrowing Wisely
    • You Can Get a Good Loan: Ways to Make It Happen
    • Your Credit Score: It Pays to Aim High
    • When Payments Are a Problem
    • President Announces Aid for Millions of Distressed Mortgage Borrowers
    • When a Debt Collector Calls
    • Take Charge of Your Credit Cards
  • How to Learn More
    • Sources of Help and Information on Managing Your Money

Fall 2008 - Special Edition: Your New, Higher FDIC Insurance Coverage. How You Can Be Fully Protected.

  • Basic FDIC Insurance Coverage Temporarily Increased to At Least $250,000 Per Depositor: Other changes expand the protection of certain trust and checking accounts
  • How to Be Sure You're Fully Protected by the FDIC
  • "EDIE" Makes It Easy: FDIC Internet Site Analyzes Your Insurance Coverage
  • Fact vs. Fiction: Common Misconceptions About FDIC Deposit Insurance
  • FDIC Launches New Campaign Promoting Deposit Insurance
  • For More Help from the FDIC About Deposit Insurance and Other Topics

Summer 2008 - Get a Good Night's Sleep: Rest Assured, Your Money is Safe in an FDIC-Insured Account

  • Answers to Common Questions
    • Do I Need to Know If My Bank Is Healthy?
    • FDIC Insurance: How Can I Be Sure I'm Fully Insured?
    • What Happens If a Bank Fails?
  • Also...
    • FDIC Advertising, Education Campaign Reminds Consumers About Deposit Insurance Limits
    • An FDIC-Insured Depositor's Bill of Rights
    • For More Help or Information from the FDIC About Deposit Insurance
  • Other Articles
    • Tips for Trying to Fix a Clogged or "Frozen" Home Equity Line
    • Dialing for (Your) Dollars: Beware of Phone and Fax Fraud
    • Reminder: Beware of Mortgage Rescue Frauds
    • "Green" Banking: Saving the Environment as You Save and Borrow Money

Spring 2008 Special Edition: Money Tips for All Ages
Your Finances at Different Stages of Life
For Any Age or Stage
Practical Advice for Everyone on How to Save and Manage Money

  • For Teens. How to Ace Your First Test Managing Real Money in the Real World
  • For Young Adults. What to Know Before Declaring Your Financial Independence
  • For Newlyweds. Starting a Household on Solid Ground Financially
  • At Midlife. Multi-Tasking In Your 30s, 40s or 50s
  • For Parents. Teaching Children the Financial Facts of Life
  • Before You Retire. Getting Your Finances Ready for Your Golden Years
  • After You Retire. Managing Your Expenses on a Fixed or Reduced Income
  • For Financial Caregivers. Helping Disabled or Elderly Relatives With Money Management, Even From Far Away
  • For Major Life Events. Ways to Cope Financially During and After a Big Change
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