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Tools for Personal Help and Self Growth

Tools for Personal Help and Self Growth

FDIC Consumer News 2009

Winter 2009

  • Online Banking, Bill Paying and Shopping: 10 Ways to Protect Your Money
  • Depositing Paper Checks Over the Internet
  • For More About Internet Commerce
  • New Federal Rules Highlight Overdraft Costs, Limit Fees
  • Some Tips for Managing the Pain of Medical Debts
  • Ideas for Growing a Small Business
  • News Briefs

Fall 2009

  • Your FDIC Insurance
    • No Safer Place in the World for Your Money
    • How to Make Sure All Your Deposits Are Protected by FDIC Insurance
    • Insured Deposits Are Safe Regardless of a Bank's Health
  • Paying With Plastic
    • Debit vs. Credit Cards: How They Stack Up
    • Prepaid Cards: Another Way to Pay, But Understand the Downsides
    • For Help and Information on Debit, Credit and Prepaid Cards
  • News Briefs
  • 5 Things to Know About Safe Deposit Boxes, Home Safes and Your Valuables

Summer 2009 - New Consumer Protections for Credit Cards and Mortgages: What the New Rules Mean for You

  • Credit Cards: New Law Protects Consumers from Surprise Fees, Rate Increases and Other Penalties
  • New Safeguards for Gift Cards
  • Mortgages: Attention, Shoppers! New Rules Will Help You Get a Fair Deal
  • Administration Expands Eligibility for Refinancing
  • For Help and Information on Credit Cards, Mortgages and Other Financial Services
  • Points, Cash Back and Other "Rewards" from Your Bank: How to Cash In on the Right Deal
  • New Brochure, Video on FDIC Deposit Insurance
  • Full Guarantee Program Extended Through Mid-2010
  • Also New: An FDIC Guide for Borrowers at Failed Banks

Spring 2009 Buyer Beware: How to Protect Yourself from Foreclosure Frauds, Easy Money Schemes and Other Costly Deals

  • Foreclosure Rescue and Loan Modification Scammers Still Prey on Stressed Homeowners: Our Latest Tips
  • Beware of Various Frauds Tied to the Economic Slowdown
  • Sounds Good...But Are the Costs Greater Than the Benefits?
  • Blank Checks from Your Credit Card Issuer Carry Risks and Costs
  • For More Information About Avoiding Fraud and Costly Deals
  • Congress Extends $250,000 Insurance Coverage Through 2013
  • Making Your Home Affordable: New Options for Lowering Payments
  • Programs That Can Help You Through the Current Crisis
  • Shopping for a CD: Be Informed, Be Safe
  • FDIC Clarifies Deposit Insurance Coverage of Pre-Paid Cards
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