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Tools for Personal Help and Self Growth

Tools for Personal Help and Self Growth

FDIC Consumer News 2010

Winter 2010 - You Can Organize and Simplify Your Financial Life: A How-to Guide
Tips to save time, reduce stress and cut costs

  • Basic Strategies for Simplifying Your Financial Life
  • Your Financial Records: What to Toss and When
  • Calling All Smartphone Users: Are You Ready for Mobile Banking?
  • Managing Your Mortgage: Good Practices for Homeowners
  • Your Wallet: A Loser's Manual
  • For More Information on Organizing and Simplifying Your Finances
  • Need a Small Business Loan? Try These Strategies
    • For More Help or Information for Small Businesses
  • Unlimited FDIC Insurance for Certain Transaction Accounts: A Closer Look
  • Saving for College: Ways to Minimize the Sticker Shock
  • Why Interest Rates Matter to You
  • Fraud Alert: Text Messages, Pop-Ups and Downloads to Avoid
  • Social Networking Sites Attract Online Criminals
  • New Rules, Notices About Credit Decisions

Fall 2010

  • Can You Spot a Scam?
  • Test your knowledge of common frauds and their warning signs by taking our quiz
    • For More Information on Avoiding Financial Fraud and Theft
  • What to Know About the New Law Affecting FDIC Insurance Coverage
  • Estate Planning and Banking: How to Protect Money for Your Heirs in FDIC-Insured Accounts
  • Having Difficulties Paying Your Mortgage? Pay Attention to These Tips
    • Foreclosure Prevention Resources
  • Weighed Down by Debt? Here are Ways to Ease the Load
  • Credit Protection: Understand the Costs, Limitations and Alternatives Before You Buy
  • Student Loans: What's New, What's Important
  • Happy Returns: Tips for Saving Money at Tax Time
  • FDIC Issues Guidance to Banks on Overdraft Costs, Usage
  • News Briefs

Summer 2010

  • Bank Accounts Are Changing: What You Need to Know
  • $250,000 Federal Deposit Insurance Amount Now Permanent
  • What If Your Bank Fails? First, Stay Calm
  • Having Deposits at Two Banks That Become One
  • Starting Out on Your Own: Personal Finance Tips for Young Adults
  • News Briefs

Spring 2010

  • New Realities, New Directions for Credit Cardholders
  • The New Consumer Protections on Credit Cards: An Overview
  • Using an Agent or Broker to Place a Bank Deposit? Ask These Questions First
  • Advice for Seniors: Understand the Risks and Costs of Borrowing With a Reverse Mortgage
  • News Briefs
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